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Cash Family Pottery
employed personnel and molds from Southern Potteries.
Clinchfield Artware is a mark used by Cash Family Pottery.
Clinchfield Artware connects to the railroad in Erwin, TN and Southern Potteries Clinchfield line.

Cash Family Pottery - Clinchfield Artware
has 11 items for sale.
  secure link to t_cash6888.jpg   Clinchfield Artware Ice Lip Pitcher Folk Art - #6888   85.00  
  secure link to t_cash6886.jpg   Cash Family Poinsettia Sack Pitcher -   28.50  
  secure link to t_cash6885.jpg   Clinchfield Artware Spiral Pitcher Blue Clematis - #6885   55.00  
  secure link to t_cash6772.jpg   Blue Violets 4-Inch Buttermilk Pitcher - #6772   15.75  
  secure link to t_cash6570.jpg   Blue Sponged Mini Bowl and Pitcher - #6570   34.50  
  secure link to t_cash6429.jpg   Cash Family Pink Double Open Rose Ice Lip Pitcher - #6429   95.00  
  secure link to t_6350.jpg   PURPLE VIOLETS Large Buttermilk Pitcher   55.00  
  secure link to t_6345.jpg   Cash, Family, pottery,BLUE CLOVER,Buttermilk, Pitcher   27.00  
  secure link to t_6310.jpg   Cash, Family, pottery,Purple, Violets, 7", Buttermilk   45.00  
  secure link to t_6085.jpg   Cash, Family, Pottery, Clinchfield, Artware,Haviland, Pitcher   35.00  
  secure link to t_6078.jpg   Tennessee Shaped Dish Lavender Iris   26.00  
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